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[ROM][I5800] Kyrillos'ROM / v10.6

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Napisano 23 wrzesień 2013 - 11:33

Jak w temacie, rom modyfikowany dla I5800.


Kyrillos' rom v10.7 Features

  • Based on Marcellusbe's CM7.2 (Alpha9 port for Galaxy3). [Android 2.3.7]
  • PreRooted with Busybox 1.20.2-cm7 installed.
  • Deodexed & Zipaligned
  • Integrated Custom Kernel [CM7 kernel v2.0
  • - CWM Recovery
  • - CPU Governors: Lagfree, Ondemand, Userspace, Powesave, Conservative, Performance. [To configure it go to Settings => CyanogenMod Settings => Performance => CPU settings, or use Setcpu]
  • - Overclock support up to 1000MHz! [To configure it go to Settings => CyanogenMod Settings => Performance => CPU settings]
  • Full APN file for instant internet / MMS access
  • Adfree! [No more ads :P]
  • Sysctl.conf tweaks
  • Tweaked Build.prop
  • - Disabled adb nofity
  • - Battery tweaks!
  • - Proximity Sensor tweaks
  • - More In-Call Volume steps
  • - Performance tweaks!
  • - Swype Keyboard v3.26 with 31 Languages!
  • - Android 2.3.7 Keyboard with all languages and many dictionaries!
  • 2 Launchers to choose from:
  • - Touchwiz30 [For the people who miss it]
  • - AOSP Gingerbread
  • Custom BootAnimation!
  • Disabled fsync() feature in
  • Modded Mms.apk
  • -160 character support in sms instead of 70 [Supported languages: Greek, Czech, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak]
  • -New line support instead of smileys button
  • -Bigger text message expand box [Better view when you type big sms]
  • Replaced some system apps with better ones!
  • - Tape-a-talk voice recorder [High quality record at cd quality instead of voice recorder]
  • - QuickPic instead of Gallery3D
  • Latest fonts by google!
  • Updated all Google Apps [Market, Gmail, Talk]
  • 2 Themes [Android 2.3 theme, ICS Black build 032]
  • Added Kyrillos-tweaks script [Swap, faster partition mounts, Memory & Kernel tweaks, Default governor: Ondemand (with some tweaks)]
  • Removed Apps [Gallery3D, Voice Dialer, Development, Spare Parts, Protips, RomManager, Sound Recorder, Download Provider, Html viewer, Latin Ime Tutorial, Livewallpapers]
  • Added binaries [SQlite3, Zipalign]
  • Added Voodoo Control App [To configure voodoo sound driver. Note: You must firstly check the /Settings/Device_Settings/Sound_Settings/Enable_WM8994_Control box. (Also turn off the rest two ticks and the stereo expansion gain, because it makes the sound from your external speaker aweful.)]
  • App2sd [Nothing to do here ^^. The a2sd script will be enabled automatically if you have a partition in your sdcard, while the phone boots for the first time!]

Co nie działa:
-Bluetooth (Partially works, sent-receive file works. A2DP doesnt work.)
-Video Recording [You can try Videocam illusion, many people confirm that it works]
-Video Playing [Video lag sometimes, with crackling sound]
-Some games with graphics that arent yet supported by OPEN FIMG gpu driver (Ceramic Destroyer, Angry Birds (the new version), and maybe more)

DOWNLOAD (Recovery) => DOWNLOAD 117.13 MB - hasło: kyrillos13

Egofiles: Pobierz
Hasło do rozpakowania:

One-package.tar (Odin) => DOWNLOAD 148.12 MB - hasło: kyrillos13
Egofiles: Pobierz
Hasło do rozpakowania:

-Flashplayer 11.0 for stock browser => DOWNLOAD 4.45 MB
Egofiles: Pobierz
Hasło do rozpakowania:

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