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[ROM][I9020] ThinkingBridge ROM / 4.2.2 / 27.06.2013

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Napisano 29 wrzesień 2013 - 17:55

Dołączona grafika

Fully Functional Features:
  • RIL (Calls, data and texts)
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch UI
  • Contacts
  • Browser
  • Lockscreen
  • Settings
  • Notification drawer and toggles
  • Gallery
  • Quick Toggles

Features Offered By ThinkingBridge ROM
  • ThinkingBridge Welcome App (About the Team, Changelogs & Contacts us)
  • ThinkingBridge Wallpapers App
  • CyanogenMod FileManager
  • DSP Manager
  • Trebuchet Launcher
  • ROM Settings
    -General UI (Add Custom Boot Animations, Custom Carrier Label, StatusBar Brightness slider, Transparency Settings, UI Mode etc.
    -Power Menu (Select what to show up in Power Menu and other Power Menu settings)
    -Navigation Bar (Enable/Disable NavBar, Add/Remove buttons, change colors, configure widgets etc.)
    -Navigation Ring (Set NavBar Ring targets)
    -Hardware Keys (Enable custom actions and enable 3-dot overflow menu)
    -Pie Controls (Enable/Disable pie, change colors, Trigger Area, Size, Alignment, Gravity etc.)
    -Toggles (Add/Change/Remove toggles, change toggle style etc.)
    -Battery (Change the battery icon on StatusBar, change colors, battery bar etc.)
    -Clock (Change the Clock icon on StatusBar, change colors, AM/PM Style, Alignment, clock actions etc.)
    -Signal (Change Signal icon on StatusBar, change colors, hide Signal bar etc.)
    -Lockscreen (Change lock options, modify widgets, change colors etc.)
    -Custom Shortcuts (Set custom shortcuts to the lockscreen)
    -Custom Targets (Add custom targets to the lockscreen)
    -Lock Clock Widget (Modify/change/remove the clock on the lockscreen)
    -Sound (Enable volume panel, flip phone settings, headphones and bluetooth headset otpions etc.)
  • Theme Engine Support
  • Parition Info (Information about /System, /data, /cache, /sdcard and EXT partitions)
  • CPU Settings (Change Governor, Min/Max CPU freq., scheduler)
  • Koush's Superuser App
  • New Custom Toggles (Favourite contact, Clock toggle, Fast Charge, LTE, Pie, NFC, Quick record, Quiet hours, Screenshot, Signal, Sleep, Sound state, USB tether, WiFi tether, Current user)
  • Custom Camera features
  • 4 Way Reboot (Reboot, Bootloader, Recovery & Hot-Reboot)
  • Completely revamped Settings interface
  • ListView Animations

Instructions to Install

  • Download the latest ROM zip and Gapps packages.
  • Connect your Nexus S into USB Storage mode to the PC via USB data cable.
  • Drag the downloaded two zips to the root of your storage (and not in any folder).
  • Power off the device, press Volume Up + Power buttons altogether until you see the bootloader screen. Now use the volume keys to highlight Recovery and select it using power button.
  • You are now in Recovery mode.
  • If you are flashing this ROM for the first time (coming from another ROM): wipe /data (factory reset), dalvik-cache and /system
  • If you are updating this ROM (coming from previously installed version of this ROM): wipe /cache
  • "Install zip from sdcard" > "choose zip from sdcard" > select the ROM zip and press "Yes" to flash.
  • Follow the above step again to flash the Gapps.
  • (Optional) Flash CM variant of a Custom Kernel (Fixes Stock kernel 97% charging bug and more offers more stability)
  • When all is done, select "reboot system now".

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GAPPS mirror

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